This recurring 6-week program is designed to help young expectant persons increase their knowledge of parenting and child development. Topics include safety, stress management, infant development, immunizations, breastfeeding, car seat safety/installation, and more. Each week, participants will receive free baby items, gas cards, and snacks. Advance registration required.

To learn about dates/times/location for this group, please contact Program & Prevention Coordinator Madeline Robertson at 262-374-2242 or

In the summer, the Tree House hosts monthly community walks to bring moms, grandmothers, foster moms, adoptive moms, surrogate moms, mother figures, and moms-to-be together with medical providers while creating a support network and increasing parenting knowledge.

To learn about dates/times/location for summer 2024 Mom Walks, please contact Program & Prevention Coordinator Madeline Robertson at 262-374-2242 or

It's time for you to be supported! Those who provide care for children during times of family transition require support themselves for their ever-changing environment. Join us for an informational and rewarding support group for those raising grandchildren, kinship, and non-biological children. This 8-week group will touch on the constant change of emotions, feelings, and boundaries. In each session, you will have an opportunity to share the challenges you are facing in a safe and welcoming environment and learn valuable information that will help you in the role of primary caregiver. Food & structured childcare will be provided. This program is free and open to the public. Space is limited and advance registration is required.

To learn about dates/times/location for this group, please contact Program & Prevention Coordinator Madeline Robertson at 262-374-2242 or

Focused on caregivers of children, grandchildren, kinship, and non-biological children of addicted parents, this six-week support group helps to build positive supports for these caregivers. Each week will feature a different expert speaker on such topics as drug education, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), grief & loss, co-dependency, and self-care. Dinner, on-site child care, resource items, and gas cards to assist with transportation will be provided to participants each week.

To learn about dates/times/location for this group, please contact Program Director Kayla Lauderdale at or 262-374-2242.

Located on the grounds of the Tree House Child and Family Center, the Theresa Stalzer Little Library is a two-story resource for parents and primary caregivers! Each month will feature two different titles in English and Spanish: one for adults and one for children. Titles for adults will focus on a variety of parenting topics and can help parents have developmentally appropriate expectations for their child and feel prepared to respond to behaviors from their child. Titles for children will encourage conversation between parents and their children about tough topics such as grief and loss, body boundaries, belonging, behaviors, and life transitions. All books are free, and all titles are selected by the Tree House. The Little Library is “open” year round, with 24/7 access. Once a book is read, it does not need to be returned. Pay it forward, and share your copy with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.!

To learn more about the Little Library, please contact Program Director Kayla Lauderdale at or 262-374-2242.

The Little Library was created in memory of a founding Tree House Board Member and champion of Walworth County children and families, Theresa Stalzer. Theresa served as a child protective services (CPS) worker with the Walworth County Department of Health and Human Services for approximately 40 years. She also worked for New Beginnings APFV and served on the boards of Walworth County Crime Stoppers, Walworth County Housing Authority, and neighborhood watch groups. She also co-led a support group for Hispanic teens at St. Patrick’s Church in Elkhorn. At the time of her passing in October of 2021, Theresa still served on the Tree House Board of Directors, one of only a couple original members with continuous service.

Every family faces challenges, but also has strengths that they can draw upon during difficult times. When communities work together to help build and celebrate these strengths, families feel more confident, less stressed, and better connected. The information in the Walworth County Child and Family Resource Directory has been compiled by the Tree House Child and Family Center to help raise awareness of the many resources and supports available to families throughout the community. Click here to learn more!

Parents and educators are on the front lines of helping to end the cycle of abuse through recognition of the signs and proper response, but rarely do they have access to materials that explain how best to do this. Fragmented approaches within a community can allow child abuse to thrive in silence, so it is vital that communities work together to prevent child abuse. We are so grateful to Gage Marine's 150th Anniversary Community Donation award and the Heart of Canal Street funding which has allowed the Tree House to implement and continue the Monique Burr Foundation's Child Safety Matters curriculum. With age-appropriate, evidence-based presentations and materials, Child Safety Matters helps children in grades PreK-5 recognize potential harm and tell safe adults who can help them.

To learn how you can bring Child Safety Matters to your classroom, or if you would like to join our volunteer team of curriculum facilitators, please contact Program Director Kayla Lauderdale at or 262-374-2242.

From Parenting-On-The-Go Bags to Darkness to Light Stewards of Children trainings to Screen Kids Healthy Technology Boundaries materials and training to Power of Play workshops and more, the Tree House provides access to evidence-based child abuse prevention information and family strengthening resources to schools, regulated childcare providers, and other child-serving organizations.

The Tree House coordinates and provides financial support for ongoing Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) child maltreatment response training across law enforcement, District Attorney’s office, Corporation Counsel, Health and Human Services, Forensic Interviewers, Forensic Medical Providers, and Child Advocates.

To learn more, please contact Program Director Kayla Lauderdale at or 262-374-2242.

The Tree House is always happy to speak to your school, business, agency, or organization about child abuse prevention, education, and resources.

To learn more, please contact Executie Director Koko Cooper at or 262-755-8733.

If you would like to make a child abuse referral, please call

or your local law enforcement agency.