Knowledge Is Strength

The Birdhouse Program
This program was given its name because it is “nested” within the Tree House.  It involved video trainings for Multidiscipline Team members (Law Enforcement, District Attorney’s Office, Corporation Counsel, Health and Human Services, Forensic Interviewer, and Forensic Medical Provider).

An online safety education program for kids that provides age-appropriate videos and activities to help teach children how to be safe on the internet.

Slaying Dragons
A video game-based platform designed to teach kids how to manage their anger and calmly resolve issues through biofeedback. The program is named “Slaying Dragons” because a small dragon appears on the screen when stress is detected via a heart-rate monitor worn by the child. Both Children’s Wisconsin therapists located at the Tree House have implemented the program as a form of therapy for certain clients. It is hoped to have the system in schools later this year.

Be Strong is an asset-based development program for young women that builds on concepts of womanhood, respect, and positive relationships as a strategy for health promotion and violence prevention. The Be Strong curriculum consists of four empowerment modules which contain activities that enhance developmental assets and provide practical tools for self-discovery, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making. The program objective is to help young women define and discover the kind of women they want to be while developing protective factors against violence and other unhealthy behaviors. It also provides a forum for young women to connect with one another, honor themselves, and create healthy relationships.

In Touch with Teens
This eleven-unit curriculum empowers youth to have healthy relationships by providing information about power and control, elements of healthy relationships and healthy sexuality, and media literacy as well as education on sexual harassment, sexual assault, and dating violence. The curriculum further addresses the development of pro-social skills such as empathy, impulse control, effective communication, problem solving, and bystander accountability. The curriculum comes with easy to use handouts, an evaluation form and Spanish translations of activities for participants.

Linda Priebe Trauma Education and Advocacy Series
Offers educators, clergy, counselors, district administrators and staff a framework and roadmap for adopting a trauma-sensitive approach. The training includes a variety of resources for educating school/church staff about trauma and trauma-sensitive practices and for providing school/church leaders with a step-by-step process for implementing a universal, trauma-informed approach. We will offer three (3) trainings per year to educators, clergy, counselors, district administrators and staff; we will begin virtually and expand to in-person trainings once COVID restriction lift. The three (3) trainings will consist of the following: 1) Understanding Trauma 2) Building trauma Sensitive Schools/Churches 3) Leading Trauma Sensitive Schools/Churches.

Men of Strength Club
Is the country’s premier primary violence prevention program for mobilizing young men to prevent sexual and dating violence. The Men of Strength Club, or MOST Club, provides young men with a structured and supportive space to build individualized definitions of masculinity that promote healthy relationships. MOST Club's 22-week curriculum aims to: 1)Provide young men with a safe, supportive space to connect with male peers 2) Promote an understanding of the ways in which traditional masculinity contributes to sexual assault and other forms of men's violence against women 3)Expose young men to healthier, nonviolent models/visions of manhood 4) Build young men's capacity to become peer leaders and allies with women 5)Serve as a hub for social justice activism and nonviolence