In Memory of Margaret D. Downing

If you've made a difference in the lives of children, then this scholarship may be for you!

With a mission that is focused on equitable access to child abuse prevention, education, and resource support, the Tree House Child and Family Center is proud to invest in the children of the Walworth County community. Beginning in 2023, the Tree House will annually award a $2,000 scholarship to a Walworth County high school student who has demonstrated a positive impact on the children of our community and who plans to continue serving children through their post-high school studies.

The student may attend the college or technical school of their choice. Students apply as high school seniors for an allocation that is distributed as $1,000 in the first semester and $1,000 in the second semester of their collegiate life.

Applications must be submitted online and must include two letters of reference that verify your contribution to making life better for children. GPA will be considered, but priority will be given to candidates who are able to demonstrate already having made a difference in the lives of children.


In 2023, this scholarship will honor the legacy of Margaret C. Downing, former Board President and longtime supporter of the Tree House, whose persistence and dedication helped turn the 20-year dream of a Child Advocacy Center into a physical reality for Walworth County.

Margaret dedicated her life to helping others, and her passion was always making situations better for children. She served on the Walworth County Board of Directors for two terms, ensuring that Lakeland School would be built for children with special needs. She then joined the Walworth County Alliance for Children, sharing her passion, drive, and business expertise. She convinced county officials to donate five acres of vacant land and then helped spearhead a campaign to build a child advocacy center that felt more like a home than an office building, so that children would feel wrapped it the arms of care and trust.

The Alliance, which eventually changed its name to the Tree House Child and Family Center, honored Margaret with its Founder’s Award in 2016.

If you would like to make a child abuse referral, please call

or your local law enforcement agency.